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Pursuant to Standard 7 of the National Code 2018, Registered Providers must not knowingly enrol a student wishing to transfer from another Registered Provider’s course prior to the student completing six calendar months of his/her principal course of study, except in limited circumstances as outlined in the guidelines of this policy;

  • Educare College is entitled to determine the circumstances in which it will provide or refuse to provide a Release Letter. Where a student requests a transfer within the period of six months of commencement of their principal course Educare will assess the request for transfer against this policy.
  • Students must co-operate with the Educare Officer and attend any interviews or other appointments scheduled for them including in respect of support services provided by Educare.

 No Release Letter is required in the following circumstances:

  • The student has completed at least 6 months’ study in his or her principal course; or
  • The student is sponsored by another government and that government sponsor provides written support of the change as it considers the change to be in the student’s best interests; or
  • The College has ceased to be registered or the course in which the student is enrolled has ceased to be registered; or
  • The College has a sanction imposed on it that prevents the student from continuing his or her principal course.
  • The College has agreed to release the student and recorded the date of effect and reason for release in PRISMS

Policy for changing providers within the first 6 months

To apply to transfer to another provider within the first 6 months of the student’s principal course, students must demonstrate circumstances justifying the transfer as outlined below.

  • Student will be reported because he/she is unable to achieve satisfactory course progress at the level he/she is studying, even after engaging with the College’s intervention strategy to assist him/her in accordance with Standard 8.
  • There is evidence of compassionate or compelling reasons
  • The College fails to deliver the course outlined in the written agreement
  • There is evidence that the student’s reasonable expectations about their current course are not being met
  • There is evidence that the student was misled by the College or an education or migration agent regarding the College’s or its course and the course is therefore unsuitable to his/her needs and /or study objectives
  • An appeal (internal or external) on another matter results in decision or recommendation to release the student

The following are student’s circumstances which may not warrant a release letter from Educare:

  • The transfer may jeopardize the student’s progression through a package of courses; or the transfer would be detrimental to the student’s future study, welfare, and/or career objectives; or
  • The student applies for a release from a course provided by Educare in order to transfer to a course provided by another Registered Provider and Educare considers the other course to be the same, similar or equivalent;
  • The student has not accessed Educare College’s student support or welfare services after having been requested to do so; or
  • The documents provided by the student do not, in Educare College’s view, adequately support grounds upon which the transfer is requested; or
  • A transfer based on lower fees, or shorter completion times offered by another provider; or
  • The student has outstanding debts to Educare

Procedure for changing providers within the first 6 months

Students wishing to obtain a Release Letter must complete, sign, date and submit the Request to transfer Education Provider Application Form to the Student Management Officer. The following documents must be attached to the Request Form as part of the Release Application process:

  • A letter detailing the reasons behind their request to transfer to another Institution and how they will benefit from the transfer; and
  • A copy of the offer letter from the other Institution confirming that a valid enrolment offer has been made unconditionally at that Institution; and
  • A copy of documentary evidence referred to in the letter of application must be attached. Failure to present evidence may adversely affect the outcome of the Release Application; and
  • Where the student is under 18 years of age the student attaches the following documents to the Release Request Form:
  • Written confirmation that the student’s parent or legal guardian supports the transfer; and
  • Where the Student is not being cared for in Australia by a parent or suitable nominated relative, confirmation on the valid enrolment offer that the registered provider will accept
  • responsibility for approving the student’s accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements as per Standard 5 of the National Code; and
  • Written approval for the change from the scholarship body if a sponsor is paying the tuition fees.
  • If all the above requirements are not met the application will not be processed
  • Upon receipt of the Release Application letter and supporting documents, the Student Management Officer will make an appointment with the student to attend an exit meeting interview with CEO/Principal Executive Officer or with his duly appointed Manager to look after the case within 5 working days.

The CEO/Principal Executive Officer or the duly appointed Manager should interview the student to determine the circumstances surrounding the release; 

  • How the student may benefit from a transfer to another education provider;
  • Whether the transfer would be detrimental for the student or his or her future studies;
  • Consider the options available to the student to achieve his or her learning goals, including any support services offered by Educare to assist students to adjust to study and life in Australia;
  • Where it is in the student’s interests, refer the student to appropriate support services such as academic skill support; additional English support; additional tutoring & study group support; increased monitoring, a mentoring program; referral to personal counselling; AND
  • Consider the options for course load reduction and implementing an intervention strategy for the student

The CEO/Principal Executive Officer or the duly appointed Manager will consider the Release Application and supporting documents in light of:

  • The student’s educational goals and individual circumstances;
  • Whether the transfer would be detrimental to the student or his or her future studies; and
  • Decide as to whether to grant a Release Letter within 5 working days


Students will be advised in writing of the outcome of the application within 5 working days of the lodgement of a complete Release Application.

If the CEO/ Principal Executive Officer decides to grant a Release Letter, the Student Management Officer should immediately write to the student with the following information:

  • Release Letter at no cost to the student.
  • Advice that the student’s Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment will be cancelled and he or she must contact DIAC to seek advice on whether a new student visa is required;
  • Advice that Educare College will cancel the student’s Confirmation of Enrolment on PRISMS; and
  • Advice that the student may apply for a refund in accordance with Educare College’s Refund Policy

If the CEO/Principal Executive Officer decides not to grant a Release Letter, the Student Management Officer should immediately write to the student with the following information:

  • The reasons for the decision not to grant a Release Letter;
  • Advice that he or she may freely transfer after completion of 6 months of his or her principal course; and
  • Information on the student’s right to appeal the decision in accordance with the Educare College’s complaints and appeals processes.


If the student is not satisfied with the decision as to whether or not to grant a Release Letter, the student has the right to appeal the decision in accordance with Educare College’s Complaints and Appeals Procedures. In this event Educare will maintain the student’s enrolment in the course or courses in which he or she is enrolled to study until the appeals process is completed. Objection must be sent in writing within 20 working days from receipt of refusal letter.

Record Keeping

Copies of any letters of release/refusal to release will be retained in the student’s file for 2 years.

Cancellations of Enrolment and Refunds

Students receiving a Letter of Release approving transfer to another institution must cancel their enrolment at Educare College and apply for a refund of fees if applicable. Students may be subject to academic or financial penalty for cancellation of enrolment in accordance with the International student fee and refund policy.