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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that potential students, current students, employers employment service providers are provided accurate, timely and sufficient information regarding fees and refunds associated with Educare Colleges products and services.



The purpose of this policy is to ensure that potential students, current students, employers employment service providers are provided accurate, timely and enough information regarding fees and refunds associated with Educare Colleges products and services.

Educare College will charge a range of fees and charges for programs and courses based on Government contractual requirements and cost of running the course. Students will be made aware of the fees payable for their chosen course prior to enrolment through the pre-enrolment information.  Students are required to pay any applicable fees at enrolment in order to finalise their application into their chosen course.   Students are required to accept the terms and conditions set out in the student enrolment form and supporting information prior to or concurrently with payment of their fee. 

Students may request a copy of their signed Student Enrolment Form acknowledging the terms and conditions there within prior to commencing the program or course. Enrolment is not complete until fees are paid, or a payment plan is entered. Except for granting RPL and/or credit transfer, there is no provision for a student to reduce their course duration from the dates shown on their enrolment form/training plan.

Educare College will not issue any qualification prior to the full payment of any fees and charges applicable to that program or course.  The company may at its discretion varies this condition.  Educare College reserves the right to suspend or cancel training if the student fails to pay any part of the course fee as and when it becomes payable. Inclusions and Extras Educare College is entitled to charge fees for services provided to students.  These charges are generally for items such as course materials and text books.

Educare College course fees cover;

✓ Administration of the course  

✓ Course application

✓ Resource materials

✓ Access and use of Educare Colleges facilities

✓ Support services

✓ Issuing of a student’s certificate or Statement of Attainment* *Subject to competency of one or more units of competency being completed and the course fee being paid in full.

Course materials will be issued to the student as they progress throughout the Course.   This policy applies to Educare College.  The course materials that Educare College provides to the student will become their property.  However, the content of the course materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, remain the property of Educare College or a nominated third party.

Educare College course fees DO NOT cover;

  • Any postage requirements to Educare College i.e. posting of completed assessments for marking
  • Any materials not listed as Resource Materials for the student’s course
  • Any equipment that will be retained by the student as his or her own personal property
  • Excursions if they arise
  • Printing of learning materials that are made available online
  • Replacing issued learning materials which the student has lost or damaged
  • Replacement copy of a student’s certificate

Employment Service Providers or Employers may pay the fees in full or can pay an initial deposit of one semester’s fee which is payable on enrolment. Individual students may not pay more than $1500 prior to course commencement or in advance of services provided.  Where course costs are greater than $1500, a payment plan must be implemented. Dependent upon the course being completed, Educare College offers the following payment options;

✓ Electronic Fund Transfers

✓ Payment Plan

✓ Direct Debit

✓ Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard only)

Payment Plan – Direct Debit: We offer payment plans for the convenience of students and employers. The payment plan is set to take out payments in instalments (as agreed on the enrolment form) from either the bank or credit card of the students each fortnight. The fees applicable are as follows: 

  • Transacting from a bank account will incur a nil transaction fee.
  • Transacting from Visa/MasterCard will incur the higher of 1.65% per transaction.
  • Payment plans – Educare College is willing to negotiate a custom payment plan which must be approved by the Finance Department

Concession fees for Funded ProgramsStudents who receive one or more eligible Commonwealth benefits or allowances at the time of their enrolment may be eligible to pay a concession fee rather than the full fee under the following programs:

  • QLD Certificate 3 Guarantee
  • QLD Higher Skills

A copy of the concession card is to be retained and placed on the students file. The following students are entitled to the concession rate on course fees: Persons and dependants of persons holding:  

  • A Pensioner Concession Card.
  • A Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans‟ Affairs.
  • A Health Care Card.
  • Persons and dependants of persons in receipt of AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY.
  • Persons and dependants of persons in receipt of the Youth Allowance.
  • Persons who are inmates of a custodial institution.
  • Persons who have reached the age of 15 but who have not reached 18 years of age, and who are not due to reach 18 years of age in the calendar year for which they enrol

Students who withdraw before commencement will not incur penalty fees and are entitled to a full refund of any course fees paid. Students who withdraw after commencement but within 7 days from commencing the course will receive a refund, less the applicable enrolment fee.  There may be a penalty fee for students who withdraw after 7 days from commencing a course. Educare College reserves the right to vary this condition. If the student fails to notify Educare College of their withdrawal in writing, they will be deemed as still enrolled and they will be liable to pay the course fee in full. Requests for re-scheduling of any program or course or subject may incur an additional fee.  Enrolment in a new course will incur any new fees as applicable. Fees will not be transferred to another educational institution.

Refunds for Fundedcourses

No refunds will be paid to students withdrawing from State and Commonwealth funded unless otherwise stated in the applicable funding contract.

Our Guarantee to Clients

Educare College may at its discretion defer the commencement date, cancel or vary a program or course prior to commencement.  In the event of deferral or cancellation before the program or course commencement the company will refund fees in full and the student agrees that there shall be no further entitlement to damages whatsoever.

A full refund of tuition fees paid will be issued to students, within 28 days of the default, if Educare College defaults for any of the following reasons:

  • The course does not begin on the agreed commencement date, or
  • The course ceases to be provided at any time after it commences but before it is completed, or
  • The course is not provided in full to the student because a sanction has been imposed on the registered provider.

Outstanding Fees

Irrespective of the student’s progress throughout the program or course, if a student fails to pay any instalment by the due date and fails to make contact with Educare College, the total outstanding balance of the course fee will become immediately due and payable. The process of fee recovery is as follows:

  • A combination of email reminders and collection calls as per our policy of debt collection:
  • Pre-reminder for payment email sent out just before the invoice falls due.
  • 1st reminder for payment sent on the first week after due date.
  • 2nd reminder for payment sent in two weeks after due date.
  • 3rd reminder for payments will be sent in a month after due date.
  • 4th reminder for payments will be sent in 2 months after due date.
  • 5th and last reminder will be sent when the account is 3 months overdue.

Collection calls will be placed on accounts which fall 3 month or more overdue. This policy applies to Educare College.  Educare College reserves the right to take further action on accounts which are overdue and have not made any reasonable attempt in settling the fee, despite our efforts.  These actions may take the form of referring the student’s account to a professional debt collection agency and/or adverse reporting to a credit rating agency.

Payment of GST

GST is exempt under section 38-85 GSTR 2003/1 Goods and  Services  Tax, tax  ruling.  The ruling explains the supply of a course for ‘professional or trade course’ is a GST-free education course.  

ATO reference:  

Where a student is enrolled in a course which is offering units of competency or a whole qualification, the course fees attached to this enrolment will be exempt from the payment of GST.  GST does apply on the payment of some miscellaneous charges where these charges are in addition to and outside the normal services offered in a course. 

Student complaints about fees or refunds

Students who are unhappy with Educare College arrangements for the collection and refunding of tuition fees are entitled to lodge a complaint. This should occur in accordance with Educare College’s complaints policy and procedure.