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How to become a Support Worker?

Did you know that within the next five years around 500,000 Australians under 65 years, who have a permanent and significant disability, will have access to funding and a support worker through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

For many people living with disability, it will be the first time receiving the support they need, they will have the opportunity to have a support worker looking after them. As a result of that, thousands of jobs are being added out there across the country every week.

Ok, but what a Support Worker does? 

As a support worker, your main job is to provide clients with companionship, support them around the house and help them get connected with their community and family members.

With different clients every day, you’ll spend your time on the road, completing your scheduled visits, interacting one-on-one with clients and their loved ones within their homes completing small house tasks. You can also work in Aged Care centres.

It’s a very rewarding career, working to help people by promoting community inclusion, independence, decision making and personal choice through support.

Sounds interesting, but HOW TO BECOME A SUPPORT WORKER? 

It’s simple – you don’t need previous experience, check below what you need and start right now!

Firstly and most important = hold a qualification. We can help you with that!


  • Valid Police Check
  • Flu Immunisation
  • Covid19 vaccine – both doses


  • Current Driver’s license, Reliable care + insurance
  • NDIS Worker screening
  • Working with Children Check

Indeed we are proud to have more than 90% of our students already working in the industry, even before completing their qualifications.

Additionally, with our strong relationships in the Aged Care and Disability industry, we are able to help our students find paid employment with one of our partners.

Enquire now – the industry is waiting for you!!