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You can advance your future in Australia! Start your studies now and be one step ahead.

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Were you planning to come to Australia and got your plans frustrated and forced to postpone because of the Pandemic? Yes, we know, and we are truly sorry for you.  The good news is, you can start your studies right now, where you are and advance your future in Australia!

The Educare E-learning platform has been designed to help those who still outside of Australia, however, would like to commence the theory component of their qualification while remaining in their home country, and then as soon as Australia opens the borders again you can come and continue the rest of your qualification pathway and complete the mandatory Work placement arranged by Educare College, which can be your interview for a job in the industry! Our E-learning courses are delivered through our Learner Management System, aXcelerate, which is a very popular platform, and you will be given all the units to go through at your own pace, whether that be 3 months or 12 months, and at completion of your theory you will obtain a Certificate of Completion for each unit, then finish your placement when you arrive in Australia. You will also have access to your own trainer, over the phone, email or zoom calls in case you need any extra support.

This is a great alternative for you to advance your future in Australia, prepare yourself and be one step ahead for when the borders open. Especially considering that all our courses are related to high demand areas in Australia and often our students receive job offers in the middle of their qualification, your chances to find a good and well-paid job right after your arrival will be higher. Another key advantage for our future students is that the price of our Online courses is approximately 35% less than the face-to-face courses, so you can save money and yet demonstrate on your GTE letter that you already have started your course and increase your chances to have an approved Student Visa when the borders open.


Will my course be recognised in Australia?

To obtain a full Australian accredited Qualification you must do the Practical Placement and Assessment in Australia that will be around a minimum of 120 hours.

As soon as the borders open, you have the option to apply for a short visa for up to 3 months and come to Australia to do only the Practical Placement, or you can enrol to pursue your studies face to face in one of our packages and apply for a Student Visa 500 to remain in Australia longer with work rights.

If you need any help regarding a student visa, we are happy to recommend reputable migration agents who can assist you with that.


Are you interested and want to know more?

Enquire now and our team will be in touch soon! info@educare.edu.au or send us your WhatsApp number and we can chat face to face!