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May 2021


A girl Student doing study with Educare
Were you planning to come to Australia and got your plans frustrated and forced to postpone because of the Pandemic? Yes, we know, and we are truly sorry for you.  The good news is, you can start your studies right now, where you are and advance your future in Australia! The Educare E-learning platform has...
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A nurse helping the patients
The Aged Care system in Australia has been facing huge difficulties in the past few years and the Government has announced measures and incentives to address these needs, focusing on a bigger, better paid, and more skilled workforce. This is a great opportunity for International Students to get qualified and be job-ready for this booming...
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Since the beginning of covid-19, The Department of Home Affairs have adopted flexible approaches to ensure the continuity of critical services in Australia. One of the measures is to ease the working hours restriction on Student Visas with the purpose to alleviate excess work pressure and understaffing in specified industries. The great news for Educare...
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