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5 Reasons Why You Should Study Community Services


Educare College understands how important it is to choose the right career path for you.  At Educare College, we provide you with highly qualified and experienced training staff who are dedicated and passionate about the Community Services industry.  Our CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services course is a nationally recognised qualification that has been developed through consultation with industry experts.  On graduation, you will have the confidence knowing you are job-ready with industry qualification you need to succeed in your career.

  1. Create positive change in people lives

Gaining a qualification in Community Services and working in the industry is extremely rewarding and gives you the opportunity to support a diverse range of people in different life situations. Through community-based services and programs, you would have the opportunity as a community worker to facilitate change, create solutions, support unconditionally and provide information and resources to assist individuals or small groups.

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  1. Job Flexibility

A career in Community Services allows you to choose different career pathways in making a positive change in peoples lives. Community Services is quite flexible allowing workers to explore a number of areas before focusing on one area that they may be passionate about. Examples of community services areas include; aged care, disability care, youth work, drug and alcohol services, family support and counselling, employment and training and many more.

Study Community Services

  1. Experience a feeling of purpose and fulfillment in your career

A qualification in Community Services is worth investing your time and effort into as you will be doing something you are passionate about, and you will know you are making a difference in the world everyday.  Working in Community Services allows you to improve the quality of life of those who can’t help themselves.  You can be confident that you are helping to open doors to opportunities to make someone’s life significantly better.  Instead of being in a 9-5 pm job, where you feel you have no purpose, you could be supporting individuals to get their life back on track.

  1. Opportunity to work with other people from different culture and backgrounds every day

As a Community Services worker, you will have an opportunity to work with different people both rural and urban areas, with your nationally recognised qualification.  As the government continues to fund remote indigenous community services, lots more options are becoming available when picking where you want to work. Performing this job will make every day of your life full of meaning, and each day will never be the same as the day before.

  1. Industry Growth

If you are looking to kick-start a career in an industry that you know has opportunities to grow, then Community Services is the right career for you.  Following the department of employment figures, the work for skilled counsellor predicted to grow by more than 24% and the demand for social workers to rise by 22.5% by 2022. It’s a good opportunity for young graduates or school leavers thinking to apply for a qualification with a community service course at Educare College, either online or face to face classes to get their qualifications in short time period and start their career in counselling in youth justice, child protection, mental health, aged care, community care and more.

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